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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

How to Get My Voice Back ASAP

You are probably wondering how you can heal your voice without any surgical interference and get it back as soon as possible?

This is how…


Let us introduce ourselves:

We are the only Non-Surgical Voice Repair Institute, which offers Supper Accelerated Vocal Immersion Instruction and natural herbal and homeopathic treatment.

We can fix your damaged voice within 30 to 50 hours of instruction and treatment. That would approximately take 7 to 10 consecutive days and will be conducted in a style of a ‘boot camp’, so to speak. The 4 to 5 hour sessions (with a break in between) will take place on every consecutive day.

We are a one of a kind service and there is a reason why we are Number 1!

We do guarantee our best efforts and very visible and tangible results! Therefore, if the damage is reversible, your best bet would be to get to us as soon as possible.

We are familiar with cases where the growth on the vocal cord(s) not being treated for some time turn malignant. We also know the cases where the person initially had been diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, which (only a year later) turned into Spasmodic Dysphonia, which, at that stage (and in her particular case), could not be treatable.

We also know the cases with polyps and cysts, which people also had for some time, and at that point, we have recommended a surgical interference to remove the growth; and then we, of course, suggested the post-operative care, so that the same occurrence would never take place again.

We advocate a healthy and safe voice, which will last for a lifetime!