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How to Get My Voice Back in a Matter of Days Not Years?

For those wondering how you can heal your voice without any surgical interference…, this is how!

We would like to introduce ourselves:

We are the only institute that specializes in Non-Surgical Voice Repair. We offer industry-leading vocal immersion courses, combined with natural herbal and homeopathic treatments – designed to restore and enhance one’s speaking and/or singing voice!

  • We can fix multiple types of voice damage and/or vocal disorders with 30 to 50 hours of our unique instruction coupled with natural herbal treatment.
  • The above-mentioned instruction and treatment would take approximately 6 to 10 consecutive days and will be conducted in the style of a ‘boot camp’, in a manner of speaking.
  • The 4-to-5 hour sessions (with a break in between) will take place on every consecutive day.
Vocal Science - Restoring and Enhancing Voices Since 1984

We are a one-of-a-kind service – and there is a reason why we have been Number One for over 37 years! – (since 1984!)

The difference between us and other related services: We guarantee our best efforts which produce very tangible results!

  • We are familiar with cases where various growths on the vocal cord(s) (like Polyps, Nodules, Cysts, Lesions) not being treated for some time – turn malignant.
  • We have also seen cases where those who were initially diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, progress to a more severe disorder known as Spasmodic Dysphonia within a short period of time. Since Spasmodic Dysphonia is often a neurological disorder, it has been determined that there is no method of conventional treatment available to actually cure it. We are the only enterprise in the world that holds an amazing track record for successfully treating Spasmodic Dysphonia! For more information, check out one of our inspirational success stories featuring a voice repair client who had conquered the Spasmodic Dysphonia disorder with the help of the Vocal Science(TM) Method!
  • Also, through many years of our alternative practice, there have been cases indicative to vocal cord growths (like polyps, cysts, lesions, nodules, etc) which were, in some cases, reoccurring even after surgical intervention (vocal surgery) was administered. Our institution offers alternative (non-surgical) treatments. Therefore, in cases where the surgical interference took place, we offer a specialized approach for post-operative care, which not only restores and improves the quality of the human voice but also assures that reoccurrences of the above-mentioned (and other) harmful growths on the vocal cords, will never happen again.

We advocate a healthy and safe voice, which will last for a lifetime!

Check out the testimonials from some of our voice repair clients who have been treated using our alternative approach to voice restoration.

Sue D from Canmore, Alberta | hemorrhaging (bleeding) vocal cord polyp – vocal cord strain

Since that experience in May, I have not experienced vocal fatigue almost at all.  (once or twice when my overall self was fatigued).  My voice has been reliable and I am able to teach, direct my choir and interact with my family as I used to before the injury.  My singing voice has been dramatically strengthened and is more reliable although it is still on its way back to where it was.  I am blown away by the results of my time working with Diana. – READ MORE!

Alisa B Serebro | Strained Vocal Cords & Muscle Tension Dysphonia

I just want to let you know that my voice now is very good. Using the speaking techniques and the herbs has kept my voice well.

The longest that I’ve had a sore throat this time around has been only for one day, which is a miracle for me! – READ MORE!

Trisha B - Voice Repair

Trisha B: Milwaukee, USA|Sulcus Vocalis & Muscle Tension Dysphonia

I am so thankful, grateful, blessed to have found Diana through the internet and to have had the amazing privilege of working with her.  

I hope to have the opportunity in the future to continue working with her on more advanced techniques as she’s now piqued my interest in possibly pursuing voiceover work in the future. – READ MORE!


ALSO, Video Testimonials & Before/After Treatment videos can be found HERE

To learn more about us and about how to restore your speaking or singing voice non-surgically, Contact Us Today!

Many net users with voice disorders have been searching the internet for help by typing in keywords like “How to get my voice back ASAP” or “Heal my voice“. We hope that we can be the conclusive end to that search.