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Medical doctors and speech therapists had, once again, failed the patient with the Sulcus Vocalis Diagnosis!

How so; you, my reader, may ask?
Our answer is; what else is new…?

This story is about our former non-surgical voice repair client, Issac H – a Jewish community leader from Brooklyn, New York. Once medical doctors had diagnosed Issac with such a disorder as Sulcus Vocalis ( a gap between the vocal cords), they strongly suggested to Issac to undergo a vocal operation. 

On that note, Issac visited numerous speech therapists and speech pathologists… Needless to say, he did not receive any meaningful help. Being only 36 years old at the time, he nearly lost his hope to be able to speak – using his normal voice – again. When he contacted us, he became very emotional and claimed that he was looking for somebody like us for quite a few years now. He mentioned that he is a very significant person in the Jewish community and jokingly said: “You know, Diana, we Jewish people are a very loud nation…” 

Listening to his story, we, with absolute certainty, said that our claim to fame (so to speak) is to conquer as many voice disorders as possible, non-surgically… Speaking ahead, we would like to note that we had kept our promise and had achieved exactly that! 

Needless to say, after attending our very unique Vocal Science™ course (in order to acquire a completely new application of his speaking voice) as well as obtaining natural herbal treatment, Issac now continues to be a much healthier leader in the New York Jewish community.

Our specially-developed speech exercises, coupled with a certain set of body movements, helped Issac to acquire a complete closure between his vocal cords. Due to that, his raspy and hoarse voice became crystal clear, and thus his words became well announced and pronounced. The pain in his throat was no longer present either. However, by the middle of the course and treatment, we realized that we had yet another voice disorder on our hands laying beneath; and therefore, our ordeal was not exactly completed just yet.

The fact is that once the voice had been lifted off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords, the pressure from the vocal anatomy was totally removed; and thus I, as a voice specialist, was able to detect yet another disorder which is very consistent with the original disorder. I immediately identified this hidden disorder as Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD). Surely enough, Issac (now speaking with a nearly perfect voice), started to complain about the pain in his neck.

I have to note that Muscle Tension Dysphonia is practical – more or less – present in any voice/vocal disorder. The fact is that when a regular speaker or singer experience difficulties in speaking or singing, they tend to push and pull their voices to the max, trying to produce (known to them) the normal sound of their regular and known-before-to-them voice. Another fact is that the more the voice is pushed, the more it will sink down to the lower throat and below.

I always compare it with a swamp – whereas the more effort the person excretes, the deeper he gets sucked into the swamp. Having extensive experience in treating and curing voice disorders, I have to say that they work in the principle of an onion (whereas you take one layer and there is a second, third or fourth layer may be present). 

The other thing is that practically any of the voice disorders have some recurrences and setbacks. However, some more severe than others. Therefore, our protocol for non-severe disorders would be no less than 30 hours of our very unique instruction coupled with natural herbal treatment. For more severe voice disorders (like Spasmodic Dysphonia, for example), the minimum protocol required is 50 hours of obtaining the Vocal Science™ method and more in-depth natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment. Spasmodic Dysphonia disorder quite often contains a neurological component in it. Also, in the majority of cases, it is emotionally induced before manifesting in the physical body; and, in that particular case, attacking the vocal anatomy – and the sound of the voice in particular.

With the above said, if you begin to feel any changes in your speaking and/or singing voice, please do not leave it alone for a long period of time – as if you do, your voice disorder may become irreparable; and, most certainly, will not be able to be fixed non-surgically.