(Complete) October 14th healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop!

Healthy Voice Workshops SectionOur Vocal Science Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop, which will take place on October the 14th, 2018, at our studio location, is complete. 🙂

For more information on how you can participate in these events, check out our Healthy Voice Workshops Section on our sister site (vocalscience.com) above or Contact Us

July 16th, Healthy Voice Workshop – 1 Spot Remaining & 1 Spot In Reserve!

Hello Everyone!

Our Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, to be held on July 16th, 2017. now has only 1 spot remaining & 1 spot in reserve!
Hurry, as it will be sold out super fast!
Price for this event – $185

If you are interested in participating in this exciting and educational event, check out our site’s Healthy Voice Workshops section (located in our sister website, www.vocalscience.com) for more details!

You can also contact us at: 416-857-8741 or info@vocalscience.com to sign up!