Voice Disorders: Classic Diagnosis!

We would like to share an informative article on voice and vocal health with you. This article is titled: Voice Disorders Classic Diagnosis: Vocal Cords Acid Reflux and/or Muscle Tension Dysphonia? Go Figure!!! Give it a read. Comment and subscribe to get exciting new details and discoveries!

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New Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Article!

We have a new informative article that is tailored to those who have been suffering from severe voice disorders and are looking for ways to rectify it.

It is titled: “We offer a unique and alternative treatment for spasmodic dysphonia, as well as non-surgical solutions for various voice disorders.”

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Article: Involved in an accident of any sort, compromising your voice?

Vocal Science: Were You Involved In A Car Accident, Or Any Other Accident Of Sorts? Had Your Voice/Vocal Anatomy Ended Up Compromised In Any Way, Shape Or Form?
If so, we can help to restore your speaking and/or singing voice!

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Article: “Physical and Emotional consequences of the speaking and singing Voice Disorders.”

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