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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

John Polanco

John (Before instruction and treatment, as he holds his throat in pain).

(After 30 hours of instruction and natural herbal treatment).
I don’t feel the pain in my throat anymore. Obviously before I placed the notes in the wrong places, and therefore, my throat felt scratchy and very constricted. After all, I had a nodule on my vocal cord for many years. Now I can feel and hear the difference and I can manage it without any pain in my throat. So, it’s a big gap – a big difference! Before I am even talking, I feel that I can manage how to avoid putting the pressure in my throat. Another thing is now I am learning where the sound has to go. Before all of this, I had no idea where the sound or where the air had to go to produce the sound. I know now that when the sound is placed in the wrong area, I feel that I am forcing my vocal cords. Now, when the sound goes to the right place, I feel completely relieved and can hear my voice being beautiful and clean. It has a much wider, stronger and solid sound.

This is like I have a brand new voice! I did not have this type of voice for a while! I do not remember having a voice like that!
Ms. Diana is the best you could have as a teacher to cure your voice as she did with me.
– John