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Ronnie Blue, AKA, Veronica H – Vocal Science Program student & attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops!

Veronika - Post-Workshop Testimonial

Some time ago, I accidentally met Diana through mutual friends, however, in the present, I am absolutely sure that it was orchestrated from above… She, in time, became a dear friend and now my vocal coach. Diana helped me to release the block that, in the past, was created by my first music teacher who basically said that I could not sing and will never be able to do so…

I always loved singing, but being traumatized from the previous “assessments”, never had the confidence, let alone the knowledge of how to do it. To introduce me to the Vocal Science method, Diana, at first, offered me to attend a few of her vocal workshops. While there, in the process and in the moment, it felt to me as if I was jumping off of a cliff without a parachute…! Nevertheless, I was extremely shocked, when with Diana’s help, I was able to produce a clear and strong sound, almost just like… Cher – LOL.

Within the process of attending those workshops which were kindly offered to me, I have to say that many “Aha” moments had happened…! After all of these, I was finally able to sign up for private lessons, and then I started working with Diana on a regular basis.  I realized that the voice in general (and especially the singing voice) is actually an extension of my soul which, even more so now, I would like to project into the world. And because of those mental and psychological blocks and issues which have been present in my life, it became apparent to me that as I am working on my voice, I  also started to pay attention to all of the other areas of my life that had identical blockages; and to my surprise, they actually happened to be in perfect correlation with each other…

I am super excited about the future and being able to sing, which was always my dream and it started to become a reality. Can’t wait to sing on a stage one day, and make what seemed to be impossible… possible; create a new reality! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much!

I now even created my new stage name – Ronnie Blue, AKA, Veronica H

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