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To celebrate them and the upcoming American Thanksgiving

Stay tuned to celebrate their success and read their post-course letters after they complete their journey in Canada!

To celebrate them and the upcoming American Thanksgiving, we will offer, (starting this Sunday, October the 18th and ending on Sunday, October the 25th), special treatment for our out-of-country clients.

Within that timeframe, we will be charging all of our fees in Canadian currency which will save our international clients over 30% on the currency exchange.

Also, for everyone else, within the above designated times, we are offering a special which we call, “We Pay Your HST Event”,

That said, it will save our potential clients an additional 13% on Harmonizes Sales Tax in Ontario.

From the day of the registration for any of our courses, the potential client has 90 days to arrive to their designated course.

So our potential clients could take advantage of this opportunity now and arrive to receive their instruction and voice repair services upon mutual agreement between them and our enterprise.

Our Present and future voice repair clients can indulge into the reading of Ms. Yampolsky’s new blog titled: Vocal Disorder: Some people, as it appears to be, love having it? 

You can also read Ms. Yampolsky’s review on the Niagara Falls event titled:

Niagara Falls “Legends” in Concert Overview.

And lastly, Diana has just finished a 20 hour case study course with the aspiring musician/singer songwriter, Timothy Bartsch.

“Having studied with many ‘masters’ over the years, I was under the opinion that it did not really matter so much who one’s teacher was, because, in the end, the student had to do the work and figure out how to perform to a higher standard in his/her own mind. Diana’s method has defied this assumption. An excellent, enormously experienced teacher can make a life-changing difference.” – Timothy Bartsch – Professional Musician
We hope that the observations and beliefs by our student Timothy Bartsch will inspire you and help you realise your dream. If interested in our special Case-Study programs, please enquire about it via our email: info@vocalscience.com, or call Diana Yampolsky directly at: 416-857-8741

However, please note:  All specials announced by The Royans Professional Vocal School (Vocal Science™) are subject to change without notice.

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