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Vocal Science – Readers Digest! (Food for Thought for the Weekend).

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This time we will be brief and give you a chance to examine and learn the invaluable insights of the Vocal Science Method via our four latest educational Blogs (Articles)!

We would very much so welcome your comments and input, as well as your (any related to the topics) personal stories. 

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The Articles for today’s read are:

Vocal ICU (Intensive Care) – Could It Be Administered Remotely?
“Given that we live in a digital era, more and more we have been asked if we provide Non-Surgical Voice Repair Services remotely, i.e., via Skype, FaceTime, WeChat and etc.”

Vocal Cord Paralysis: Could It Be Treated or, Furthermore, Cured?
Vocal Cord Paralysis (Paresis) is a very serious voice disorder. If there are (God Forbid) both vocal cords paralyzed, (which means there is no movement whatsoever happening between them), there is not much (if at all) that could be done to bring those vocal cords to their normal working order

Sulcus Vocalis (Vocal Cords Gap). How Could it be dealt with Employing Unconventional Techniques?
Thank God that, not too often, but still, we are getting inquiries from regular speakers and some singers who were diagnosed with a voice disorder called Sulcus Vocalis.

Vocal Science – Health With Voice! Asthma Anyone?
Believe it or not, asthma disorder could be very much so connected to a voice disorder, due to improper breathing.


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