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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Voice Repair Treatment in Sacramento & San Francisco, California! – May 8th to May 19th, 2019!

-Attention USA and West Coast Canadian Clients – Ms. Yampolsky, will, once again, be coming to the United States! 🙂

This is a new update on Ms. Yampolsky’s upcoming trip to the U.S.

(This time, she will be working out of Sacramento & San Francisco, California!)

During her time-sensitive stay, she will be teaching, consulting and repairing voices – from May the 8th to May the 19th 2019.

Below is a mini itinerary for Ms. Yampolsky’s trip!

  • Ms. Yampolsky will be working with a client in Sacramento from May 8th to May the 15th inclusively.
  • During that time, (and as of now) she will be available for Saturday, May 11th for a maximum of 4 hours – also, possibly on the evenings of May 10th, 12th, 13th and 14th.
  • In San Francisco, she will be available (as of now) mornings and evenings of May 17th, 18th and 19th.

Ms. Yampolsky will be engaged in important projects/meetings and, nonetheless, sessions; therefore, her time will be (as usual) highly in demand.

So If any of you would like to have a 2-hour consultation, 5-hour exploratory session, or a 10 hour (if available) private one-on-one non-surgical voice repair course and treatment with Ms. Yampolsky, please contact us as soon as possible at 416-857-8741, or email us at info@vocalscience.com

On this note, we hope to see you there (or in Toronto, Canada) soon.