Get professional vocal health help with our Master voice repair specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problems, vocal health issues, non-surgical voice repair and just lessons, in Toronto, Ontario and worldwide.

Check out our Press Release of Non-Surgical Voice Repair Miracles

We specialize in Non-Surgical Voice Repair and Post-Surgical Traumas. Whatever your voice problem is we can solve it through the use of our revolutionary vocal technique, specially designed speech exercises and natural herbal remedies. We are the WORLD'S only non-surgical / non-conventional voice repair specialists! If you are having voice problems, have a voice disorder, are considering surgery, or experiencing post-surgery trauma and want to learn how to insure the health, strength and safety of your voice FOR LIFE, please contact us.

Our unique and revolutionary Voice Repair program will not only repair your voice, voice disorder and your vocal box, it will also teach you how to use your voice correctly according to the standards of professional speaking/singing, so that your voice issues will never be a problem again and we guarantee it! 

Still skeptical, then see the testimonials of our past and present clients.

*Often covered by work health benefits

Contact us and receive professional vocal health help with our World Renowned Voice Repair Specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problems, vocal health issues, voice repair and lessons, in Toronto, Ontario.

For more information on non-surgical voice repair & vocal coaching, please also visit www.vocalscience.com.


Latest News:

London England

Ms. Yampolsky will be working out of the U.K, starting on July  the 15th of 2015 through July the 21st of 2015.

Davey Dee and Bumblefoot  Nick Cantanese Black Label Society. Gary Hoey, Bumblefoot at Steve's for the pre launch of the Joe Perry Rock Camp

He will be rocking in the Joe Perry Rock N’ Roll Camp in Toronto, starting June 4-7, with superstar Rock legends such as:

Way to go David! Keep on Rocking Man, and stay cool and groovy!

Vocal Science

Please note: The above is a pilot project and is scheduled to end on July the 31st, 2015

Register now: The space for this senior program is limited!

Davey Dee Rock




  • Rodney and Chyrell Wedding

    Congratulations to our former vocal student, Rodney Ronquillo and his new wife, Chyrell, starting a new life together!!!

    Yesterday (March 28th), my husband and I attended Rodney's and Chyrell's beautiful wedding which carried a musical theme throughout the big celebration.

    We witnessed not only a big love between the newlyweds but also a mutual love for music.

    For this occasion, Rodney wrote and produced a special love song for Chyrell.

    Throughout the last ten years, I have witnessed their ups and downs and finally a great success achieving and prospering their respective and mutual careers and their love for each other and their music.

    I was really touched by Rodney announcing out loud that a lot of his success and confidence he owes to me.

    Throughout their beautiful wedding event he personally came up to me several times over and said, "You gave me voice, you gave me confidence, you gave me inspiration to come to this point in my life, and because of you ... I never gave up."

Way to go, guys

Much Love and Respect,


  • Here is a new blog about voice issues and how to deal with them. It is titled, "Vocal Problems - Multiple Choices" Give it a read. Comment and subscribe to get exiting new details and discoveries!

  • As of January 1st, 2015, The Royans Professional Vocal School, Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Is moving to a country roads private property.

    Voice/Vocal instruction facilities and natural retreat/rehab center for non-surgical voice repair is moving to Mount Albert, Ontario.

    New Location Pic

    For students/clients from out of town and out of country, transportation will be available to and from the teaching/retreat facilities.

    The above arrangements will be provided on the individual basis.

    For those who take a minimum 20 hours of instruction and treatment, the daily lunch will also be provided.

    During the break between sessions, the soul-cleansing walks around the wooded grounds (to facilitate healing of the spirit and the vocal anatomy) will be taking place, weather conditions permitted.

    Some vocal instruction, vocal interactive workshops and recording sessions will be conducted out of Phase One Recording Studios, located in Scarborough, Ontario.

    Our administrative office is moving to Thornhill, Ontario (Not Public accessible).

    Voice, Vocal and Non-Surgical Voice Repair sessions will be exclusively conducted by Private appointments only.

    All the sessions will have to be booked in advance.

    We will accept only serious inquiries.

  • Is there such a thing as R/C treatment (remote control)? See the new blog to find out-- Vocal Issues… Can I fix my voice by remote means?
  • Congratulations to Davey Dee, (Former Voice Repair Client/Singing Student), for his ground shaking performance at The Landmark Event In Downtown Toronto

    "I owned the stage!

    Yes, Moving on to the next round and being hired by a big agent and touruing band... Just the beginning."

    Davey Dee Rock
  • Got a vocal problem? Is your voice damaged? Check out the new blog! - "Vocal Damage: Bad Vocal Habits Backfire…"
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