Get professional vocal health help with our Master voice repair specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problems, vocal health issues, non-surgical voice repair and just lessons, in Toronto, Ontario and worldwide.

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We specialize in Non-Surgical Voice Repair and Post-Surgical Traumas. Whatever your voice problem is we can solve it through the use of our revolutionary vocal technique, specially designed speech exercises and natural herbal remedies which can negate the need for drastic approaches such as vocal cord surgery. We are the WORLD'S only non-surgical / non-conventional voice repair specialists! If you are having a voice disorder, are considering surgery, suffering from Vocal cord dysfunction, Vocal Strain, laryngitis, throat/vocal cord problems or are experiencing post-surgery trauma and want to learn how to insure the health, strength and safety of your voice FOR LIFE, please contact us.

Our unique and revolutionary Voice Repair program will not only repair your voice, voice disorder and your vocal box using non-conventional voice therapy, it will also teach you how to use your voice correctly according to the standards of professional speaking/singing, so that your voice issues will never be a problem again and we guarantee it! 

Still skeptical, then see the testimonials of our past and present clients.

*Often covered by work health benefits

Contact us and receive professional vocal health help with our World Renowned Voice Repair Specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problems, vocal health issues, voice repair and lessons, in Toronto, Ontario.

For additional information on non-surgical voice repair & voice/vocal coaching, please also visit www.vocalscience.com.







We are very happy that, after the very hard work on her voice, Evie’s dream is coming true!

Congratulations to our former Voice Repair client &, thereafter, highly dedicated singing student, Evie Bonella, for entering a Music program at the prestigious Royal Holloway, University of London, which will lead her to a ‘bachelor’s degree of music’ in the foreseeable future.

We are very proud of you Evie!

  • Attention UK Clients:


By the end of March, 2016, Ms. Yampolsky is planning again to come to London UK to teach, consult and repair voices. If any of you are interested to embark on any of her services there (or here for that matter), please contact us as soon as possible via email:info@vocalscience.com, Or schedule a FREE phone consultation: #416-857-8741

Dates: To Be Announced


If interested in our 'Travel To You' services,

please inquire Today! (416-857-8741 / info@vocalscience.com)
We Hope to see you there around the world, or here in Canada!

'Vocal Science - Love Your Voice!'



     Before/After Instruction Video.

  • "I hope you know that our time together and my experience with you is very dear to me. I have complete faith in your method and technique and really do hope to come back and finish what we started when the time is right." -Adam
The cost for the above is only $185.00 (Tax included)  
Hurry! It will be gone soon!
Our Present and future voice repair clients can indulge into the reading of Ms. Yampolsky's new blog titled: Danger!!! Do not attempt to do any vocal exercises over the Internet or using related CD's or even DVD's. Your voice may be in jeopardy!
Vocal Science. Practice makes perfect… but not always.

Also, If interested in our special Case-Study programs, please enquire about it via our email: info@vocalscience.com, or call Diana Yampolsky directly at: 416-857-8741

  • For those who are aspiring to become stars in musical theatre, Read the wonderful iestimonial from Holly Rubich - Elementary School Teacher from Florida, US.  

  • We are happy to announce and welcome 4 up-coming singing and voice repair clients from out-of-country!
- New voice repair/singing client from New York, US – John P
- Former speech/singing voice repair client, now singing client from
- Florida US – Holly R
- New voice repair/ speech - singing client from Australia – Adam R
- New voice repair/singing client from Utah, US – Elizabeth C
  • "Having studied with many ‘masters’ over the years, I was under the opinion that it did not really matter so much who one’s teacher was, because, in the end, the student had to do the work and figure out how to perform to a higher standard in his/her own mind. Diana’s method has defied this assumption. An excellent, enormously experienced teacher can make a life-changing difference."

 Timothy Bartsch

- Timothy Bartsch – Professional Musician



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